Thursday, February 21, 2008

Andromeda SVN

Well now that Andromeda has had SVN support built in for about two weeks I must say it makes pushing updates from dev to staging ALOT easier also has allowed for cooperative development of Andromeda even more possible.

I would say keep your eye on the Andromeda site in the coming weeks for more exciting news.

And for those of you who have yet to try it...just do it already!! It will change your world.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Week

Well this past week has been extremely busy both @ work and after work with Andromeda. Which is funny because both are connected. The e-commerce project I have been working on for the past ~5 months now uses Andromeda, so a lot of the bugs, most in my custom code not so much Andromeda lately, that I find keep Ken a little busy.

But besides that Ken has been busy this week getting SVN(subversion) working for upgrades of Andromeda, and also deploying Andromeda applications. We will hopefully be announcing the AndroPage feature this week, it is currently available in the most recent releases of this week we just haven't announced it. I am working on getting the LIPHP site wrapped up so we can get that out there.

I have a couple of extra that I am going to work on this coming week for Andromeda which include report back features this way we can start to see how people are using Andromeda as well as where in the world people are using it.

I can actually say that I finally have used a framework that I would use for anything. And it does try to separate the code into all sort of sections and folders, my worst experience with something like that was fusebox(Coldfusion) or Mach-II also coldfusion. Drupal and Joomla both have way too much stuff to sort through to find anything, and then when you have found it, you havent it's something that just has the title that you were looking for.

Andromeda makes creating an application with logic easy, and even just a website is easy to throw together with Andromeda and is even easier since the introduction of AndroPages. I am going to also start working out my idea of creating a google chart plugin for AndroPage which will bring reports to the next level.

Well that also for now, happy programming everyone.