Monday, April 6, 2009

Cable Monopolies


It really seems like Brighthouse is not will to work with the customer AT ALL.

I recently moved down to Cocoa, FL from New York and prices are generally higher up there and I was paying around $140.00 a month for the following:

1 HD Multi Room DVR
1 SD Cable Box
HBO Package

10 MB Down / 2MB Up

Unlimited Nation Wide...

and paid a total of around $150 a month including taxes and the occasional on-demand rental.

Now Brighthouse wants to charge me $119 a month for the following:

1 HD DVR (Not Multiroom)
1 SD Box
10 MB Down / ??? Up

$161.73 a month!!!!

Then I asked if there was anything they could do and possible provide the DVR box free of charge and try to work with the customer or if there was anything else they could do and they told me absolutely not.

Something is wrong here.

When I was switching from Cablevision to Fios up in New York Cable vision was willing to make each service 29.95 a month.

WOW BrightHouse Networks Customer Service is horrible.

So I finally decided to go online last night after all the phone call fun, and signed up for the double pack...For Internet Service and TV Service, including the extras I wanted.

I never got a confirmation email and no one called me this morning, so I called them and the lady told me there was nothing in the system so I went ahead and put the order in and got an install appointment for wednesday(good). Cable/Internet is the only thing holding me back from moving into my house right now.

Not 10 minutes after I get off the phone does the BrightHouse Promotions department call me and start to go into a speech about brighthouse and then i guess he looks at his screen and says "oooo, I was calling to offer $50 off your first month, for setting up your order online. but I see that you went ahead and called prematurely." So I responded with well cant you give me the $50 off I just signed up today. He said "Well, you would have to cancel the order..." so I said OK cancel the order. His response was..."Well I cant cancel the order you would have to call back and cancel the order"...I said oh ok well this is strike 2 for customer service, and then he started to tell me how he disagrees...thats when i hung up...unfortunately this is the only cable broadband provider in the this area and I guess they could give a rats ass about making any of their customers happy.

So 2 strikes for BrightHouse Cable before they even get into my house.