Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bright House FAIL!!

So I am going into month 4 of slow internet speeds.  He is my most recent test.  Granted its not a bright house speed test but they dont allow for a direct image output of the results....I wonder why.  But the speedtest on   show pretty much the same thing.

So yeah month 4 of my neighborhood having slow speeds, numerous tech's  have been made, and they come to the houses in the neighborhood and say none of the tests they run show any issues, so they put in what they are referring to as a "maintenance call"  basically this is a way for them to leave without fixing the problem.  Supposedly a part has been on order now for over 3 weeks.  Yet most of the tech guys that have come out say any part that needs to be replaced should  already be in stock.  so who knows what is going on.


Chris Berry/BHN Insider said...

Mr. Organ, my name is Chris Berry and I work for Bright House Networks. I would like the opportunity to resolve the browsing issue. Please send me an email at Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Lakeland fl. service #751954
Called Bight House,having browser issues and feed shut downs all the time, made an opoinment with customer tech service a week in advance ,was suppose to show up between 6-8 pm . No show ,called customer service,said tech was been delayed would It be ok if the appointment was moved to after 9 pm. ok i said waited till 11 pm no show , Big time fail !!!! No phone call , no service , no follow up up call !!! Its quite simple
I work in the service sector too. If I dont call my customer they take there business elsewere.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a BrightHouse customer, but I'm not sure what your problem is - you've got 1.5 megabit! As the graphic shows - this is an "A+" rating, and faster than 95% of people in the US.

Shaun P said...

BS, 1.5 MB is outdated. my cell phone registers 12mb. the standards today are 10MB, 20, MB, and 40MB so if you are getting 1.5 and are paying for 10,20, or 40 then you my friend are being scammed by the cable company. i just switched to 20 tonight to hold me over till they hook up 40mb this week and im still getting 1.8 and 2MB. if this doesn't change hell is breaking loose.

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